We seek to invest in transformational technology enabled companies that we believe are in a unique position to disrupt a highly attractive market.  We have seen the effects of disruption and disintermediation in countless industries due to various technologies and we aim to invest in the next wave of companies possessing such technologies. Our investment strategy includes identifying companies with business viability in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA).

In addition to capital, we leverage our network of relationships across various industries to assist portfolio companies with strategy, business development, recruiting and fundraising.  For companies looking to expand internationally, we seek to provide access to new markets through our global network, comprised of leaders in their respective industries. 

“Transcendent” means going beyond ordinary limits. At Transcendent Capital, this means investing in companies that we hope, will surpass the ordinary. As Paul Graham has said, "start-ups don't win by attacking, they win by transcending".


SECTORS:  Sector agnostic

GEOGRAPHY:  Primarily focused on North American companies with business viability in the MENA region

INVESTMENT:  Co-invest with top-tier VC lead investors

STAGE:  Early to growth stage companies